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About Us is a human-powered, virtual financial firm. This means that we provide financial planning and investment selection tools and investment management services to your desktop.

Real people have designed the tools that you use to map your financial journey and select and manage your investments. You can pick up the phone or book a Zoom meeting and talk to a real person. You will receive the personalised financial advice you need wherever you are located. is not owned by or aligned with any financial institutions. Therefore, the investment management solutions that we recommend are comprised of independently-owned enterprises, as follows:

  1. provides you with a dedicated client service manager who is qualified to provide financial advice and act as your liaison with the other teams.

  2. Asset management is provided by a team of highly qualified investment professionals who are working full time to research, analyse and select the highest quality assets that comprise your investment portfolio.

  3. Portfolio administration is provided by an experienced, well-capitalised institution with reliable systems to ensure efficient transactions and the safe keeping and reporting of your investments.

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