Financial Mappers: Getting Started Guide



You have been invited to join a Financial Mappers Pro platform by


The aim is for you to work independently with Financial Mappers. 


After you have received your invitation to join the Financial Strategy platform, you will need to register your email and provide a password.  Later you can choose to activate the two-factor authorization, in which case you will be asked to enter a 6-digit code which will be emailed to you.  (This extra layer of security is optional).

Once you have your account, all the plans you create are private.  All your plans are restricted to your account unless you choose to share a plan with an adviser from Financial Strategy.  This would only occur if you have decided to seek financial advice from Financial Strategy.  Providing them with you plan will help them optimize that plan for you.  Alternatively, you may ask them to create a completely new plan.  Your adviser can then share the plan they have created so you can collaborate. 


This guide is intended to get you started with using Financial Mappers.  At the end, you will be shown how to share your plan or receive a copy of a plan from your adviser.

For a quick review of how the software works, watch these two short videos:



The menu of actions is a drop-down list under your name.  These are the first steps you should take:


  1. Go the Account Details and complete the information you want to be made available in reports.  The only essential items to be completed are:

    1. Name of Partner, if applicable

    2. In the field “Initials” you should enter a nickname, such as your First Name.  These initials or name are used to identify who owns what assets in a Joint Plan.

  2. Read this Getting Started Guide carefully before you start.  (It is found in the menu for Tutorials) Complete the information in the section About Me and My Family, found at the top of the Starting Position page.

  3. Before starting to enter your information in the Starting Position watch the video The Starting Position and Starting Position Report.  All Help Videos are found in the Help Manual / Help Videos and Learning Center.  (Second from the top)


If the time comes for you to share a plan with your Financial Strategy adviser, you ensure you have completed the sections About Me and My Family and the Starting Position and then Create a Short Plan to demonstrate what you would like to do over the next few years, please watch this video.



Where your Financial Strategy adviser has shared a plan with you, watch this detailed video designed for clients who have been asked to review their adviser’s plan using Financial Mappers or you have been asked to complete the sections About Me and My Family and the Starting Position. 



Continue reading all the section of the Getting Started Guide.  It will be time well spent.

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